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28.08 - 30.08

An invitation to view and interact within the performative manufacturing processes of upcycling material and scraps of the fashion industry

The Performative

The Consumed presents an exaggerated manufacturing process, inviting the consumer to engage within the stages of upcycling carried out by ‘workers’ within the performative factory.

A selection of emerging and named designers have created new garments through a process of re-working material and samples donated from local brands, producing pieces for purchase.

The consumer leaves gaining a designed piece that has been ‘consumed’; dyed, reworked and upcycled into a new form. This upcycling brings attention to sustainable fashion and the ease with which one can update their own wardrobe and work to reduce waste within the industry.

Within the invitation to view, the installation focuses back on the mechanisation of consumption within fashion. The performativity of the worker within the installation, begins to highlight the relationship between consumer and worker within the fashion industry.

Ticketed event: A performative installation will be held at Blender Studios, each night at 7.30pm