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A reworking and upcycling

The Designers

An upcycled indigo dyed jacket
12 hours

From Julia English
A reworked, bartacked denim jacket
10 hours

A beekeeper’s guide to sun protection  
16 hours



From The Threads
A tote bag made from “waste”
5 hours

From SZN
Upcycled hat and dress
15 hours

An upcycled denim jacket
25 - 30 hours

From Benjamin Garg
An upcycled rug and tote
50 - 70 hours tote
25 - 30 hours rug

From HEW Clothing
A reworked piece

From Sitzler
An upcycled mixed shirt

The Uniforms

The Worker’s uniform
DAY SEVEN by Molly Kent

Molly Kent founder of Day Seven is the designer of the workers’ uniforms within The Consumed installation. Day Seven’s work wear is created to be worn throughout the working week. Combining a sense of refinement and simplicity, Day Seven works to combat fast-fashion with slow, made to order production, tailored to your specific needs. They value the beauty, age and character that comes from celebrating the entire life cycle of their garments. They encourage minimal water routines and using as little water as possible, as the natural fibres they use have their own benefits for both people and our planet.

Molly Kent has adapted the functional design reflected within Day Seven to suit the needs of the workers within the performative factory of The Consumed, creating durable uniforms influenced by workers within varying industries. Each garment consists of extra details to assist and tailor to the worker’s station and role within the process of upcycling.

Retailer’s Garment
By Hannah Berry

Hannah Berry is the designer behind the retail assistants’ garments of The Consumed installation. Hannah Berry is an interdisciplinary fashion practitioner that creates a different lens to the fashion industry by creating her own absurdist world through garment engagement and experience. She is extremely critical yet uses humor to engage and exaggerate current value systems within the fashion realm.

The design of retail assistants’ uniform portrays an almost exaggerated character, giving individual identity to each. Hannah Berry has adapted her criticality within the garment to reflect an excessive and evocative  design with a touch of humor.

Presented By

Dasha Tolotchkov

Dasha Tolotchkov is a graduate Interior Architect. Her work revolves around interdisciplinary spatial practice that explores the connection between installation, performance, interior design and costume. Dasha’s investigations are predominantly based on the qualities and effects of materiality through narrative, specifically, exploring how performative methods can evoke responses and bodily interactions within current issues.

Photography by
Henry King

Film by
Majella Productions

Sound Production by
Lachie Welsh

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